Jubilee General’s 8th Annual Sales Conference

The 8th Annual Sales Conference of Jubilee General Insurance Company began on 18th of February 2013. Lahore with its vibrant and colorful spring welcomed participants from all over Pakistan, making it more auspicious as it was the first time that it had the opportunity to host this occasion.

Welcome Dinner - A Gesture of Hospitality

As a gesture of hospitality to extend a warm welcome to all the guests from pan Pakistan, a welcome dinner was arranged by Jubilee's Zonal Office, Lahore.

MD’s Welcome Address 

The formal proceedings began at 9am. The Managing Director welcomed the gathering and infused all present with a fresh spirit by proclaiming “New Vision, New Passion” to be the driving force behind all endeavors for the coming year. He went on to generously acknowledging the efforts of all the employees for the excellent performance in the past year. It was a result of their dedication and commitment that Jubilee General Insurance had outpaced the market and crossed the Rs.6 billion gross premium mark set in the year 2012. He also lauded the minimum 15% to which the outstanding Premium had been brought to, and the objective set for the future would be less than 10%. A moment of proud achievement for the entire Jubilee General Family was the fact that they were now AA+ rated, both from PACRA and JCR-VIS, besides B++ from A.M.Best Europe.

The First Day of Conference 

Faqiha Imran, a leading Management Consultant from Navitus Private Limited, conducted a workshop on the topic “Accelerating Ahead”. She was able to bring together the ability to work as a team. Everyone pooled in their individual qualities and coordinated with all group members in fun filled learning activities, designed to make all realize the value of working together and appreciating each other. 

Summing up of the first day’s proceedings by Mr Tahir Ahmed, was followed by a superb lunch. After this the guests were taken to Wagah on Pak-India Border to view the ceremonious display of National Flag Lowering at sunset. It is a daily military practice since 1959 which is very enthusiastically enacted for hundreds of people, by the Pakistan Rangers and Indian Border Security Force each evening. The sight fills the audience, on both sides of the border, with national fervour resulting in loud cheering and shouting of many slogans.

The first day was rounded up with a visit to a local wildlife park, Jallo Forest Park. A sumptuous dinner was arranged there along with a musical night, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

The Second Day of Conference 

The second day of the Annual Sales Conference, 19th February 2013, began with the same enthusiasm the proceedings commenced with a case study on the topic “Transformation-The Key to Sustained Growth” Mr.Azfar Arshad, head of operations gave us a briefing about it, every group was then given a chance to come to the dais to present their case. The outcome made it evident that majority of the participants were on the same frequency as professionals. The conclusion drawn was that to survive and excel we have to adapt and evolve, with the changing dynamics of the market. Use of modern technology, introducing new products, and reaching out to maximum numbers, is the key to gaining market share and remaining profitable. 

Our guest speaker was Mr Shahid Hussain, the Chief Executive Officer of Servis Sales Corporation. Being a successful entrepreneur and a seasoned businessman, he shared his views about how he dealt with the challenges that the corporate world put his way when he moved from manufacturing to sales. The crux of his experience was that an organization most responsive to change gained an existence and place of eminence in history, while those who refuse to mould themselves to change find themselves displaced in the inevitable cycle of evolution. His experience was very inspiring and informative. 

Mr.Azfar Arshad was then called upon to announce the much awaited result of the Growth Incentive Plan. Many development officers received deserved appreciation for which they had labored throughout the year. This Plan is a great motivating factor in Jubilee General and works towards building a great rapport of cooperation and respect amongst all its tiers. 

Then like the day before, there was a summing up and a question-answer session. The Managing Director Mr Tahir Ahmed shared his views and concerns over the In-Land Transit Insurance and the importance of underwriting the inland transit liability on annual turn-over basis making it viable and more effective for both the stakeholders. 

The awards for the top performing branches and the development officers were then announced by Mr Azfar Arshad. 

The Acting Zonal Head, Lahore, Mr Mahboob Pervez, concluded the Conference with the vote of thanks. He appreciated the management committee for its excellent organization of this event and for its efforts to make it a success. 

The strength of a company is not just in its statistical growth display, shared and announced in conferences and meetings of great import. Rather it is what every employee carries away with him after a conference that leads to progress and development the year around. It is a sense of pride in the organization that nurtures him, and brings out the best in him. It is the motivation to do better and better every day. I believe it is this inspiration that we have all walked away with, from these two days spent together, and it is with this passion and dedication that it is hoped that we return to meet again at another conference in the year to come. This is the strength of Jubilee General Insurance.

Khawaja Ahmed Fraz | Vice President | Lahore Zonal Office


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