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Jubilee General has collaborated with HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education) a Pakistan based NGO providing health and education services to marginalised communities across the country.


Well at Bittri Bheel Village in the Tharparkar Region

Bittri Bheel is a village in the Tharparkar region of Pakistan and from the top left picture, you can see what an arid land it is. The village women walk 3 miles on bare feet and on rough terrain to get their daily supply of water.


“Soach se Taqdeer Tak” - TCF Mentor Programme

Jubilee General worked with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) for their CSR programme in 2007 when we published a book on Courtesy which was taught to students of classes III to V, and winners of a quiz that followed were awarded prizes.


TCF Students at Jubilee

Going by the success of our involvement in TCF’s Mentor programme, 15 students from The Citizens Foundation school visited Jubilee General, along with 6 mentors from their subsequent Programme.


Thalassaemia Awareness

Mr Mohammad Iqbal lost his only son Kashif Iqbal to Thalassaemia and vowed to spread its awareness to Pakistanis at all levels so that incident of the disease is minimized.


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International Insurance Conference on Catastrophe Events – A Challenge

The PII held its second International Insurance Conference at Sheraton Hotel, Karachi from 10th-12th April, 2012.

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