Our Integrity guides our conduct towards our policyholders, colleagues, shareholders and the general public. This principle constitutes the foundation of our code of conduct and ethics as under:

  • Compliance with law and the legal system is a fundamental principle for Jubilee. Every employee, agent and director  shall obey the laws and regulations of the legal systems in letter and spirit within which he / she acts. Regardless of the sanctions foreseen by the law, any director, employee or an agent guilty of a violation will be liable to disciplinary consequences related to such violation.
  • Respect for personal integrity, privacy and personal right of every individual is a fundamental principle. We work together with individuals of various backgrounds, ethnic types, different cultures, gender, religions, ages and disabilities.
  • We compete fairly with the quality and the price of our innovative products and services, not by offering improper benefits to others. Employees are not permitted to use their jobs to solicit, to demand, accept, obtain or be promised advantages.
  • Jubilee does not make political contributions (donations to politicians, political parties or political organizations). As a responsible member of society and a good corporate citizen, Jubilee makes donations for education, health, and social and humanitarian projects.
  • It is Jubilee’s objective to conduct business with reputable clients and business partners who are involved in lawful business activities. We do not facilitate money laundering.
  • It is the duty of Jubilee employees to make business decisions in the best interest of Jubilee Insurance and not based on their personal interest.
  • Jubilee employees are obligated to protect all assets of the Company, including intangible assets and software products, and use these properly only for the benefit of the Company.
  • Open and effective communication requires accurate and truthful reporting. Jubilee is required to maintain sound processes and controls so that transactions are executed within approved authorization. Confidentiality is maintained with regard to Jubilee’s proprietary information that has not been made known to public.
  • Protecting the health and safety of employees in the workplace is a high priority for Jubilee. Jubilee promotes sound environment friendly business practices.

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