Comprehensive Vehicle

Comprehensive Vehicle


No matter how large or small your business, or how many vehicles you need to insure, our Motor Fleet Insurance makes it easy. We know every business is different, and can offer you the right auto insurance for your business – at the right price.We offer motor insurance solutions at competitive rates based on the profile of the fleet and past claims experience.

  • The insurance provides cover from losses of:

    Accidental collision or over turning. Burglary or theft.

    Malicious act of any third party.

    Whilst in transit by various transportation (including the process of Loading and Unloading incidental to such transit).

    • Coverage of whole fleet of vehicles at reasonable rates.
    • Less Hassle as compare to insuring each vehicle separately.
    • Coverage can be obtained for following:
    • Private Car Comprehensive

      Commercial Vehicle Comprehensive

      Motorcycle Comprehensive

      • Details of Vehicles
      • Documentation related to vehicles
      • Company‚Äôs Profile