Deterioration of Stock

Deterioration of Stock


This insurance provides for indemnity against physical loss or damage to chilled and frozen items of trade which are destroyed due to unforeseen and sudden breakdown of refrigerating machinery.

  • Rise or fall in temperature resulting from breakdown of refrigeration plant and equipment at the premises.

    Damage to the said plant and equipment by an incidental extraneous cause subject to the perils excluded.

    A rise or fall in cooling temperature, the unforeseen and sudden escape of refrigerants into the cold-storage rooms.

  • The insurance of “deterioration of stock in cold storage” is designed to meet the requirements of those who want to insure themselves against deterioration of goods in cold storage due to a breakdown of refrigerating machinery.

    • Cold Storage Area Specifications
    • Plants Supervisors
    • Maintenance Procedure
    • Alarm Systems
    • Power Supply – Back ups
    • Description of Stock
    • Year of Manufacture
    • Replacement Value