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Family Health Care

Jubilee General’s Family HealthCare Insurance covers more than one family member (Self, spouse, up to 04 children) for a fixed amount of cover in case of hospitalization. The amount of sum insured floats over the entire family – this means that the limit can be used by any member of the family and for any number of times. Thus a family of 04 takes a cover for Rs. 500,000 -the entire family can claim up to this amount together.

  • Hospitalization

    Hospitalization limits are annual and allocated on ‘Per Family’ basis. Jubilee General Insurance is offering two exclusive plans with following annual family limits, i.e.,

    Silver Plan:

    Rs. 250,000 (Semi-private)

    Gold Plan:

    Rs. 500,000 (Private)

    Product Packages are as follows:

    I. Family ‘A’- Self, Spouse & up to 02 children

    II. Family ‘B’- Self, Spouse & up to 03 children

    III. Family ‘C’- Self, Spouse & up to 04 children

    Entry Age: Proposer/ Spouse- 18-49 (Once covered, policy can be renewed yearly till age 60).

    Children: 1 year -23 years.

    Single premium covers a family of maximum 06 (self + Spouse + up to 4 children)

    Family Premium: Will depend on the age (next birthday) of the eldest member and the package premium will cover a maximum of 06 persons-Self, Spouse and 04 Children.

    • ✔ Provides Cashless benefits through our preferred providers network.

      No Medical tests are required.

      ✔ PECs will be covered after 04 years of continuous coverage

      Free look period of 14 days –option of canceling if not satisfied.

      ✔ Hospitalization limits per annum Rs. 500,000 or Rs. 250,000.

      Pre hospitalization Expenses : Covering Consultations, Medicines and Laboratory tests preceeding admission to the Hospital

      Post hospitalization Expenses : Covering Consultations, Medicines and Laboratory tests after discharge from the Hospital

      Emergency Local Ambulance Expenses: To pay for the transfer of the patient to and between Hospitals in an ambulance provided by any service provider, per eligible claim.

    • Credit facility on 200+ hospitals all across Pakistan
    • 24/7 Medical Hotline approval center for better coordinated care and facilitation through trained professionals
    • Customized Family Health Card for complete facilitation at hospitals
    • Savings with health insurance policy through discounts on outpatient services (pharmacy/ lab tests) at selected outlets.
    • No requirement of any Medical test/ report
    • Free Lookup Period for 14 days
    • Pre Existing coverage after 48 months of consequent renewals
    • Additional 15% Hospitalization limit after 24 months of consequent renewals subject to No Claims paid.
    • “Family HealthCare Insurance” is only available on the “Buy-Online” portal on JGI Website with purchase options through Credit/Debit Card & Cash on Delivery (COD).