Inland Transit

Inland Transit


We comprehensively cover movement of all kinds of raw material, finished goods and other items pertaining to the business of our insured under the Marine Inland Transit policies.

These policies have been designed to protect from loss or damage to the cargo during domestic transit, whether by Road/Rail or by Air.

    • Marine Cargo
    • War & Strikes Risks
    • Land Transit
    • Courier & Parcel Post
    • Freight Forwarders Liability
    • Project Cargos
    • Stock throughputs
    • Protection from a loss or damage of goods during domestic transit.

      • Details regarding Vehicle
      • Goods Proper Documents (Permits, vehicle papers etc)
      • Details regarding the goods in cargo
      • Per carry limits
      • Annual Turnover (in case of annual open policy)
      • Cargo Packaging Details
      • Trade routes and mode of transit