Managed Care

Managed Care


Coverage provided for employees of a large corporation spread over various countries

  • In Patient Treatment:

    Charges for accommodation

    Diagnostic procedures

    Operating theatre charges

    Nursing care, drugs and dressings

    Surgical appliances

    Surgeons’ and anesthetist’s charges

    Intensive care unit charges

    Consultations and physiotherapy

    Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

    CT, MRI, x-rays

    Out Patient Treatment:

    Deductible per out-patient visit

    Consultation Charges for the Medical practitione

    Diagnostic procedures,

    Prescription Drugs, Physiotherapy

    CT, MRI, PET and Gait Scans

    Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

    Surgical procedures

    Direct billing available

    • Ideal for companies for insuring their employees
    • In-patient treatment:
    • Out-patient treatment:
      • Provide brief information about the company.
      • Select types and amounts of benefits.
      • Census details of the employees/ dependents to be covered.