Personal Health Care Individuals

Personal Health Care

    • Health is Wealth!! Unstable health conditions majorly impacts on the financial stability of individual belonging to all classes.

      Therefore, the need for individual Medical & Hospitalization insurance is highly significant fulfilling the present day needs.Jubilee General’s Personal HealthCare Insurance is the answer to all such needs. This product is most structured, highly valued and competitive premium are the key aspects of this product. Because when it comes to your Personal lifestyle protection, Jubilee GeneralInsurance is the partner you can trust.

      Jubilee General Personal HealthCare Insurance is an annual health insurance policy for ‘Individuals’ offered with two exclusive plans. 

        1. Silver: Rs. 250,000 (Semi Private Room)

        2. Gold: Rs. 500,000 (Private Room)

      Main features of this policy includes,

    • Hospital/ Surgical & Miscellaneous expenses. Some of the covered expenses are : In-Hospital Consultations, Intensive Care Charges, Surgical Fees, Anaesthitist’s Fee, Operation Theatre Charges, Prescribed Medicines, Diagnostic Investigations,  Blood & Oxygen Supplies, Ventilator & Allied Services,  Day care procedures including  Kidney Dialysis/ Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy for Cancer
    • Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses
    • Emergency local Ambulance Expenses
    • Emergency International Expenses
    • Entry Age: Insured age between 18-49 years is eligible for this coverage (Once covered, policy can be renewed yearly till age 60).
    • Credit facility on 200+ hospitals all across Pakistan

      ✔ 24/7 Medical Hotline approval center for better coordinated care and facilitation through trained professionals

      ✔ Customized Health Card for complete facilitation at hospitals

      Discount Centers: Savings with health insurance policy through discounts on outpatient services (pharmacy/ lab tests) at selected outlets.

      ✔ No requirement of any Medical test/ report

      Free Lookup Period for 14 days

      Pre Existing coverage after 48 months of consequent renewals

      Additional 15% Hospitalization limit after 24 months of consequent renewals Subject to No Claims paid.

    • “Personal HealthCare Insurance” is only available on the “Buy-Online” portal on JGI Website with purchase options through Credit/Debit Card & Cash on Delivery (COD).