We offer market-lead terrorism insurance solutions to protect businesses from devastating losses to physical assets resulting from acts of terrorism. Coverage can be customized to meet distinct client needs.

Financial protection against terrorism, a risk excluded from most commercial property policies. Our property terrorism product addresses this coverage gap and offers protection to multinational and local companies in diverse industries.

  • Physical damage to commercial buildings and their contents. Expense associated to business interruption including loss of profit and increased operational cost.

  • Ease of mental pressure and stress due to fear of loss of property and goods associated to an act of terrorism. Swift recovery of potential losses occurring due to interruption in business.

    • Owners’ involvement in political activities.
    • Value of the premises and assets to be insured, Location of premises and presence of any five star hotels, multinational company offices, multinational banks, fast food outlets or government buildings in close proximity.
    • Details of current security conditions of the premises.
    • History of any losses, incidents or threats within last 5 years, associated to the proposed insurance.